Aerating All Water Features & The Apparatus That Come With It

Not everyone seems to know this. They may have submerged themselves below the surface of the water, inadvertently or deliberately, but always found that they could never breath as they would on the land’s surface.

But this inability to breath under water could tell you something important about the need to preserve oxygen content therein. It should have made logical sense by now. After all, how is any form of marine or aquatic life, both flora and fauna, supposed to sustain itself below the surface of the water.

Of course, no man has the gills that fish and even plants have. But no fish or plant can survive below the surface of the water if it is not able to breathe in oxygen in sufficient quantities. Perhaps it is thank goodness that there are pond aerators and fountains that are able to sustain and preserve manmade and quaint natural features of the public garden spot or nature reserve.

pond aerators and fountains

Pond aerators are being installed to help oxygenate the water while at the same time purifying it of pollution and fungi. Algae and weed plantations have the formidable ability to choke the life out of all other marine life, both flora and fauna. You only have to visit some of the reefs around the world to find how serious the problem of pollution is.

Take the edible seaweed, for example. While it is now a useful organic compliment to the vegan salad bar it can overwhelm all other marine life. Some confusion exists over the marine classification. Seaweed may very well have its use as a form of nourishment for other marine life but what of all other aquatic weeds which they say need to be controlled or removed?