What Exterminator Does For Homes & Businesses

If you have been following the movies for long enough, you may already know what – not who – the terminator is and what it – not he – did, or still does. Depends on whether you believe that thing is still out there. Or whether it is a he, she or it. But full-on discrimination of robots and all other kinds of hairy, scary or just downright irritating creatures and pests from hereon. Because that is who – not what – is inside the exterminator clatsop county or van roving about your neighborhood right now as you read this.

He is your neighborhood exterminator. He is here to wipe out plague-like pestilential infestations of insects and rodents. Here is a quick rollcall of the most common but vile creatures that the exterminator will have on his radar. Cockroaches. They breed and feed in dirt. They also eat real food, leftovers mainly that have not been properly discarded. Termites. They breed and feed in dirt and dust accumulated in and around wood.

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And if there is no wood – that would be rare, perhaps sometime in the future, a time familiar to the terminator, and still, a scary thought – paper and sand will do just fine. Rats. Lots of them in really bad cases. They are dangerous and downright dirty. They live, eat and breed dirt. Afraid to have to say it, but this is their nature. Perhaps this would be sad to admit if you just happened to be an animal lover.

Even shy, docile creatures are regarded as pests. Moles. They eschew the sun. but they destroy gardens. Mainly wild rabbits – if you’re on a smallholding, out in the country and you’re trying to hold your vegetable gardens together – and they breed too. Like rabbits.